Employee Perceptions towards Use of off-Site HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing (HCT) Services: An Empirical Study

Tendai Makwara, Boston City Campus

This empirical study reports on the perception of employees towards use of off-site HIV/AIDS services in a retail workplace in South Africa. Through a survey methodology, thirty employees were interviewed using a self-administered questionnaire. Results show ninety four per cent (94%) of the employees have positive perception towards utilisation of external HIV counselling and testing (HCT) services compared to those offered on-site. Notable however, is that factors that impact on individual testing behaviours in the workplace are as those also found in other-non-workplace settings in the general society. Thus the study recommends among measures, improving quality of workplace based HCT service provisions, implement sustainable educational programs to reduce peer stigma and discrimination. There is also need for companies to plan around facilitating employee use of public health facilities even when they have on-site services to promote a perception of holistic care towards employees.

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  Presented in Session 36. Evaluation of Population, Reproductive Health and HIV policies and programs