Population Aging: Challenges before the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

Elias O. Wahab, Lagos State University

Population aging affect significantly the structure of the population due to fertility declines and rising life expectancy. This points to far reaching sociopolitical and economic consequences. As such, this paper seek to provide support policy framework to address the challenges. Data sourced from UN-SDGs especially Global level: 17 Goal,169 targets and 232 indicators; Regional level: 7 aspirations, 18 goals, 44 priority areas and 174 targets; National level: Nigerian Vision 2030. Result indicates that the elderly, the poor, the disabled, women and rural dwellers are key to the attainment of SDGs. A workable link across national, regional and global indicators with different monitoring tools amidst limited resources are encouraged. Key words: Population Aging; Sustainable Development Goals; Fertility declines; Life expectancy

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  Presented in Session 9. First DD and Prospects for the Second DD in Africa