Patriarchy and Level of Educatiob:Experiences of Southridge Park and Qokolweni Female Residents.

Omelele Audrey O. A. Vatsha, Student
Nelisa Mlonyeni

This paper focuses on the oppression of women which is caused by lack education, the belief and practice of patriarchy which subjugates women at various levels. The research paper focuses on social institution in which males hold primary power and predominate, social privileged and control property. The purpose of the study was to found whether education can minimize the prevalence of patriarchy, investigate patriarchy with its effects on women and the lack of education among women. The study applied primary data sources. Data was collected from 100 respondents, 50 respondents from Qokolweni, 50 respondents from Southridge Park which they were randomly selected household through the use of structured questionnaire. The major finding were that education can minimize patriarchy if both males and females get education in order to change the way they perceive the roles of both parties. Education provides people with knowledge to challenge the issues facing the society.

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  Presented in Session 113. Education, Employment and Transformation of Gender Relations