Monday, November 18 / 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Executive Room

Session 25
Conditions Necessary for African Countries to Harness the Dividend and Costs of Inaction

Chair: Bernard Onyango, African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP)
Discussant: Latif Dramani, CREG-CREFAT

1. The Demographic Window of Opportunity and Economic Growth at the Sub-National Level in Sub-Saharan AfricaLamar Crombach, ETH Zürich KOF; Jeroen Smits, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.

2. Reaping the Benefits of Demographic Dividends in Sub-Saharan African Countries: When Are Their Windows of Opportunity and What Is Different Compared to Experiences Elsewhere?Elke Loichinger, Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB).

3. Education Rather than Age-Structure Brings Demographic DividendWolfgang Lutz, Wittgenstein Centre; Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/ÖAW, WU); Endale Kebede, Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital; Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Vienna Institute of Demography; Erich Striessnig, Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/ÖAW, WU); Warren C. Sanderson, Stony Brook University, State University of New York (SUNY).

4. Jeunesse, marché du travail et dividende démographique au Congo*Gabin Ibemba, Centre de Recherche et d’Etudes Economiques, Statistiques et Informatiques.

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