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The eighth African Population Conference will be hosted by the government of Uganda and the Union for African Population Studies in Entebbe, Uganda, 18-22 November, 2019. The theme of the conference will be

Harnessing Africa’s Population Dynamics for Sustainable Development:
25 Years after Cairo and Beyond

All pages on this website are available in English and French. You can select the language option from the links on the top right hand side of each page.

The venue for the conference is the Imperial Beach Resort Hotel in Entebbe.

Please visit the UAPS 8th APC 2019 conference website at 8apc2019.org for more information on registration, planning your trip and other aspects of the conference


Final Program is Now Available Online

The Final Program has been finalized and will be available in print at the meeting. The full program is available for phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops on this website, which can be launched from your phone's home screen. Read more.

Launching his website from your mobile device is easy. Point the camera to the QR code on the right to open the site. Then save it to your home screen. On iOS: Tap the up-arrow icon at the bottom of the screen, select "+ Add to Home Screen" and tap "Add". On Android:Tap the menu button and tap "Add to homescreen". That's it.

Navigating the Website

Start with the program summary, a compact list of sessions and events by day, then follow the navigation tips below.

The toolbar at the top of every page has links to three entries into the program:

Each of these entry points into the program takes you to a session page, which lists the session chair and discussant, if any, and the authors and titles of the papers to be presented, with links to the online abstracts and extended abstracts (or completed papers) where available.

Participants by Institution

We also provide a list of institutions represented at the meeting, each entry has a link to a list of participants from that institution.

Important Dates

May 25, 2019. Online submission of papers or abstracts start

July 22, 2019. Deadline for submitting papers or abstracts (extended from June 30)

August, 2019. Authors are notified of papers accepted to regular sessions (extended from July 31).

August 31, 2019. Information to authors of posters and additional sessions, including member/partner-initiated meetings to be incorporated in the main programme

September 15, 2019. Revision of final abstracts to be published in the Conference Programme

October 1, 2019. Submission of final papers to conference website and to discussants and session chairs

November 18, 2019. Conference Begins