The Return of Sudanese Migrants from Saudi Arabia under the New Saudi Policies towards Migrants and Their Dependants

Osman El Hasan O. Nour, Child Protection Initiative (CPI)

Sudanese migration to neighbouring countries is known for long time . However, the recent three decades have witnessed heavy flow of labour migration to Gulf countries, especially to Saudi Arabia. The economy of the Gulf countries has recently been affected by the decline in oil prices, and by the expensive wars in Yemen and Syria. This economic situation, Saudization , and the new Saudi policy of imposing fees on foreign workers and their dependants have left many of foreign workers out of job. The present study aims to explore the size of returned migrants, their characteristics , and challenges facing them under the adverse Sudan economy. The study will also explore the intentions of Sudanese migrants to return, under the new Saudi economic policies. The study will use the 2019 survey data collected by the author , and by the International Organisation of Migration for returnees from Saudi Arabia.

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  Presented in Session 79. Return Migrations and Return Intentions