Multilevel analysis of the HIV testing in Burkina Faso

Emmanuel Idohou, Aix-Marseille Université

Burkina Faso, one of the countries of low HIV prevalence, has like other countries in sub- Saharan Africa, a low rate of HIV testing. While studies have been conducted to identify barriers and individual factors associated with HIV testing, few have documented the effects of context. This research has identified the individual and contextual factors of HIV testing in Burkina Faso by using the data from demographic and health survey (2010). The results show that context influences HIV testing even though it is more dependent on the characteristics of individuals. Education and tolerance with people living with HIV are key determinants of HIV testing for both men and women. HIV testing promotion programs, testing strategies must be adapted to the context of the setting up of these programs. Efforts to promote education and to sensitize the public on attitudes of tolerance need to be continued and supported.

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  Presented in Session 101. Behavioural Responses to HIV/AIDS and STIs I