Demographic Dividend in Africa: insights from the Status of African Youth Report (SoAYR).

Ramoudane Orou Sannou, African Union Commission
Melaine Nsaikila, African Union Commission
Kossi Edem Baita, African Union Commission

The Status of African Youth Report (SoAYR) paints a picture of the current situation of Africa’s youth and the youth development landscape. With the aid of available data and existing literature, it suggests relevant policy options and programs needed to address youth-related issues. It also delivers structured evidence to guide interventions and optimize policy design on youth development. This paper is comprised of a comprehensive account of the current state of Africa’s youth based on indicators aligned to the pillars of the demographic dividend. It’s key message is that the population structures of AU Member States remain disparate albeit with one common factor: that given the status quo, Africa as a continent is far from benefitting from the demographic dividend. However, to speed up the process of growth and development by harnessing the demographic dividend several policy interventions will be needed in varied combinations from one country to another.

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