Universities as Vanguards of Urban Revitalization: Satellite Campus Development in Nairobi Cbd, Kenya.

Antony Okundi, University of Nairobi

Universities have been hailed as generators of knowledge-based economies. However, in Nairobi City, the proliferated increase of campuses and infrastructural unpreparedness of the Central Business District has ignited a myriad of frictions. This paper focuses on the social, economic, infrastructural and environmental implications of the satellite campuses and the most appropriate panacea to arrest the induced roller coaster of space conflicts.It also adopts a case study approach to illuminate the attraction factors and impacts of campuses and provide an entry point for empirical decision making and solution prescription. This paper also presents a silver bullet approach in ameliorating the place-based tensions in Nairobi Central Business District by designating campus districts, developing Convenient, Contextual, Cohesive, Ecological and Integrated Campus district models, campus and building prototypes. The proposed spatial framework advocates for efficient and sustainable midwifery of the roles of campus development in Cities.

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