Climate Change and Forced Migration from Mai Adu’a Local Government Area in Desert Prone Front Line State Katsina, Nigeria

Salisu Lawal Halliru, Federal College Of Education Kano

This study examined the climate change impact and one of the effects, force migration, and its associated problems. Purposive sampling technique was adopted in sampling 250 respondents who were mainly family members of out-migrants from Mai Adu’a Katsina State, Nigeria. The results revealed that climate change leads to climatic variation over the space with numerous effects on the environment such as intermittent droughts, desertification/deforestation. Many people in the study area either migrated to South-Western Nigeria especially Lagos, Oyo states, etc., to serve as security guards and other low-skilled workers or petty trading leaving all or some members of their families at home. Majority of respondents (58%) indicated that the head of the households migrated as a result of poor harvest due to diminishing or fluctuating rains/drought and/or drying of river. It is recommended that inter basin water transfers should be embarked upon in the study Area.

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  Presented in Session 102. Migration and Urbanization Dynamics in Africa: Patterns, Trends and Prospects