Assessing the Child Labour Situation in Cocoa Growing Communities in the Aponoapono, Suhum Kraboa Coaltar District, Ghana

John Kwame Boateng, University of Ghana
Evelyn Owusu Ansah, Wisconsin International University of Ghana

The study examined the current situation of child labour issues in the Aponoapono community, a cocoa growing community where interventions had taken place in Ghana. Mixed methods were used to collect data. In all 100 respondents were interviewed; 30 male cocoa farmers, 50 female and 20 children. Focus group discussions were also carried out in 10 settlements. Results showed that, awareness level of child labour issues is very high which has resulted in a positive change in the lives of children and entire community as whole. It was found that, culture is deep rooted in the engagement of children in cocoa activities. In terms of activities performed by children, it was revealed that use of children on farm was very predominant during the harvesting seasons. Children normally went to farm during weekends, vacations, holidays and after school. Remediation activities took the form of sensitizations and establishment of farm maintenance teams.

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