Levels, Sociodemographic and Behavioural Factors of Male Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Perpetration in South Africa

Pride Kandemiri, University of Witwatersrand
Sasha Frade, University of The Witwatersrand

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has been seen as a major social and public health problem affecting, mainly women in South Africa. By focusing on the victims only, and not the assailant current studies have failed to tackle the problem/cause of IPV. Thus, this study examines the sociodemographic and behavioural factors of IPV perpetrators. This will be a quantitative cross-sectional study utilising the 2016 SADHS. A sample of 3,618 men will be included in the male record, but matched to women included in the domestic violence module. The independent variables include sociodemographic and behavioural factors of men. The depended variable is male IPV perpetration. Frequency tables will be used to show frequency and percentage distributions of male IPV perpetration. Age-specific IPV perpetration rates will be calculated to show the extent of male IPV perpetration by age. The outcome variable is binary; therefore, a binary logistic regression model will be applied.

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