Inter Linkages between Migration and Inequality in Africa: Review of Contemporary Studies

Mary Muyonga, Population Studies & Research Institute, University of Nairobi, Kenya

In recent times, migration and inequality have become topical issues of global attention with the Sustainable Development Goals, Goal number 10 focuses on tackling inequality. Few studies show that migration and inequality are interlinked; yet, others show that migration is an outcome of inequality, while others argue that migration triggers inequality in the sending areas due to increased flows of remittances sent by migrants to their areas of origin. This article highlights the scholarly work on migration and inequality in Africa using desk review of published studies.The findings show that census and survey data are commonly used to analyze linkages between economic inequality and migration, ignoring other dimensions of inequalities. Additionally, none of the studies looked at the drivers of migration and inequality. The study recommends investigation of the nexus between non-income inequalities and migration and unpacking of contextual factors behind inequality and migration using both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

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  Presented in Session 24. Internal Migration, Poverty and Inequality