Integration of Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Approach for Improved Reproductive Health (RH)/Family Planning (FP) and Livelihood: The Case of PHE Implementation sites in Ethiopia

Ahmed M. Ali, PHE Ethiopia Consortium

Given the complex problems in the country where large population size, low agricultural productivity and limited basic health care access multi sectoral integrated PHE approach is key to address developmental challenges through joint action of all relevant stakeholders. The findings for this study obtained from the final-term evaluation of the project implemented from 2014-2017 in Ethiopia. The data collection tools employed survey of households through structured questionnaires, review of the project documents and other relevant secondary data sources, FGD, and interview of key informants. The contraceptive acceptance rate of the two intervention districts increased. Institutional delivery at health centers has also shown remarkable progress from 22, and 16 percent in 2014 to 42, and 29 percent in 2017 for two districts.

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