What about Her Right?: Migrant Teenage Mothers' Voices of Disllusionment, Ambivalence and Broken Aspirations in Rural Communities in Southwest Nigeria

Odunayo Akomolede, Federal University,Oye Ekiti

The sustained teenage pregnancy among rural communities and its attendant health challenges necessitated an understanding of the socio-cultural factors responsible for the unabated increase of teenage pregnancy and motherhood in the study area. Forty-eight respondents were purposively selected for In-depth and Key Informant Interviews and two FGD sessions in Irasa and Ilokun, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria. Findings revealed that rurality in terms of patriarchy, religion and positive attitude of the parents to early marriage constituted critical factors encouraging teenage pregnancy. The experience of the pregnant teenagers also revealed that many of them lacked the needed parental support and care due to their parent’s polygynous and multiple birth practices. Respondents further expressed their frustrations in fulfilling their dreams due the burden of childbirth and marriage. KII revealed that respondents who try to abstain from early sex often found it difficult because of parental and peer pressure.

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