Multi-Sectoral Planning and Programmatic Approach to DD Integration in Uganda: The Progress

Catherine Mbabazi, National Population Council (NPC)-Uganda/Takemi Fellow

To maximise the opportunity for harnessing the DD, multi-sectoral team of experts are engaging in generating multi- sectoral interventions framework that will guide implementation at national and sub-national levels. Coordinated multi-sectoral engagements is the foundation for creating stronger partnerships, common agenda for multi-sectoral priority interventions to be addressed. The multi-sectoral interventions Theory of Change (ToC) established through a systematic analysis of critical factors influencing the desired outcomes,measures and targets outlined in Uganda Vision 2040, NDP II and the 2008 National Population Policy (NPP) and its Action Plan. The Theory of Change The theory of change premised on the drivers and pathways of harnessing the demographic dividend as presented in DD preposition value model analysis. These include education, empowerment, health, employment and wealth creation

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  Presented in Session 16. Harnessing the African Union’s Demographic Dividend Paradigm at Country Level: The Issue of Policy Prioritization and Agenda Operationalization