Drivers of Migration Intentions in the Volta Delta: The Role of Climate-Related Hazards and Adaptation Strategies

Mumuni Abu, University of Ghana

The decision to migrate involves multiple causes and motivations with environmental risks subsumed by economic and other dimensions. Deltas are rich in natural resources but vulnerable to climate-related hazards, which has resulted in some out-migration in the region. There have been some interventions specifically, in the Volta delta to minimize the climate-related effects however, there is no information on how that has helped in reversing the out-migration situation. Again, there is little knowledge of the key drivers of migration in the area. Using data from the 2016 DECCMA household survey in Ghana, we found that exposure to drought does not trigger migration intentions however, exposure to erosion and salinity does. Also, households whose main livelihood is ecosystem based were less likely to have the intention to migrate compared with those whose livelihoods were non-ecosystem based. The study provides insight into future migration intentions and drivers of migration in the Volta delta.

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  Presented in Session 102. Migration and Urbanization Dynamics in Africa: Patterns, Trends and Prospects