Youth Generation and Geospatial Technological Innovations: A Study in Nigeria

Raimi A. Asiyanbola, Osun State University

This study evaluates awareness and use of geospatial technological innovations by youths in Nigeria. The primary data used in the paper was obtained from 211 questionnaire administration survey carried out at University of Ibadan, Nigeria between January and April, 2017. Frequency analysis and descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The study shows among others that majority of the youths were computer literate and had personal computer/laptops and cell phones that can browse. Majority of the youths were aware of global positioning systems technology and had interest to learn more about it and some were willing to pay for the training. Some of the youths were aware of geographical information systems/remote sensing technology and were willing to be trained and pay for the training. Among the challenges they faced were lack of finance, electricity problem/low battery capacity of cell phones and personal computers/laptops.

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  Presented in Session 88. Smart' and Scalable Interventions for Improving Education Outcomes for Girls and Boys in an Era of Rapidly Changing Technology