Les Paysans Camerounais Doivent Avoir Achevé Au Moins Le Niveau Secondaire Pour Sortir De La Pauvreté.

Victor Stephane MVODO, Etat du Cameroun

Agriculture is an essential lever for developing countries, especially with the repetitive food crises that these countries live and the number of poor people who make them up. Unfortunately, this is not fully integrated into development strategies. The immediate consequence is that farmers in these countries are the poorest socio-professional categories. This text aims to show how adequate training and a given level of education would promote the increase of agricultural production in rural areas through control of modern agricultural processes. Using panel data from the World Bank on Cameroon and Indonesia over the period 1970-2010, and by determining the fixed effect of some variables deemed relevant in both countries, we show that the completion of the Secondary education is essential for the use of new modern processes in agricultural practice in Cameroon.

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