Village Saving Loan Association: An Innovative Tool for Incentivizing Community Health Workers Programs in Western Kenya

Geoffrey Tanui, Save the Children International
Sarah Mukisa, Save the Children International
Tewodros Gebremichael, Save the Children International
Emmanuel Luvai, Busia County Government, MOH
Daniel Kavoo, Community Health and Development Unit, MOH
John Emmanuel Papai, Bungoma County Government, MOH
Samuel Kiogora, Community Health and Development Unit, MOH
Lynn Kanyuuru, Save the Children
Martin Omedo, Save the Children International

Village Saving Loan Association (VSLA) is an effective microfinance tool in addressing livelihood challenges in low and middle-income countries. However, little is known about it as a sustainable incentivising tool to retain and improve the performance of community health volunteers(CHVs). This study explored the factors that facilitate functionality and operation of VSLAs to identify ingredients for the development of a scalable unit. A qualitative survey with members of VSLA groups was conducted. Purposive sampling was utilised to identify the study participants. Data were digitally recorded, transcribed verbatim and translated. Framework analysis was done using NVivo Software. CHVs and Health Management Teams found VSLA helpful at individual and group level; they leveraged on the VSLA meetings to discuss health service delivery issues at the community level. VSLA presents an opportunity to contribute to the sustainability of incentivisation mechanism for community health programs. There is an ongoing evaluation to determine how VSLA contributes towards CHVs retention and performance.

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  Presented in Session 121. General Health and Utilization of Health Services