Components of Contraceptive Counselling Postpartum Women Receive during Antenatal and Postnatal Health Care Services: A Qualitative Approach

Desmond Klu, Institute of Health Research, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ghana

Contraceptive counselling is seen as a major part of public health care, maternal and child health care. Therefore, antenatal and postnatal periods are regarded as the appropriate opportunities for women to receive education on contraceptives. This study explores the components of contraceptive counselling postpartum women receive when they attend antenatal and postnatal health care services in order to provide insights into the various contraceptive counselling given them. The study used exploratory methodological approach, where qualitative data was collected through individual in-depth interviews. Thirty women attending antenatal and postnatal clinics were interviewed at the University of Ghana Hospital and Achimota Hospital. The results show that women were counselled on the direct and indirect benefits of contraceptive uses, the various types of contraceptives and duration of use. The study further found the use of audio visuals and leaflets during counselling sessions and less education on side effects on contraceptives.

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  Presented in Session 27. Family Planning: Policy and Practice