Association between Childhood Socioeconomic Status and Adult Health in Botswana: A Cross-Sectional Study

Mpho Keetile, University of Botswana
Kannan Navaneetham, University of Botswana
Gobopamang Letamo, University of Botswana
Serai Daniel Rakgoasi, University of Botswana

Studies have shown that childhood socioeconomic status is a powerful predictors of adult health.However, little is known about the association between childhood SES and adult health in Botswana..Using data from the survey on ''Chronic Non Communicable Diseases in Botswana attempt is made to study the association between the childhood socioeconomic status and adult health. The adult health is defined as the prevalence of selected non-communicable diseases and associated risk factors. Findings indicate that childhood socioeconomic circumstances have an independent effect on adult health. Poor childhood SES was found to be linked with alcohol consumption, poor fruit and vegetable consumption, smoking,overweight/obesity, and hypertension. Further research is needed-especially longitudinal studies to understand the process of how the socioeconomic conditions over the life course associated with the health of individuals in the context of Botswana.

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  Presented in Session 39. Health Burden