A Study on Integrated Early Childhood Development Service Delivery in Central Busoga Region

Magoola Issah, Makerere University

ABSTRACT The period between three months of pregnancy, until a child is 9 years of age is very critical for full cognitive development of the child. Often the focus has been on the effect on early child life from socio-economically disadvantaged families. To establish the collaboration of various service delivery points to inform interventions design, data from a sample of delivery point was collected. The extent to which these service points are networked, integrated and the mechanism of their collaboration was evaluated. Findings indicate that 98% of the ECD service delivery points knew how important it is to offer at least one extra service for the children. About 7 in evry 10 reported there being no formal arrangements for the delivery of extra services. Focus is on the delivery of their own core mandates. The integrated ECD policy of 2016 needs to be rolled out to all service delivery points. Service offered in isolation.

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