Introduction of Self-Injectable Contraceptive in Uganda

Allen Namagembe, PATH
Justine Tumusiime, PATH
Damalie Nsangi, PATH
Fiona Walugembe, PATH
Chloe Morozoff, PATH
Jane Cover, PATH
Jeniffer Drake, PATH

Self-injection of subcutaneous injectable contraception (DMPA-SC) is transforming women’s contraceptive access and autonomy in Uganda by putting a popular method directly into the hands of users. The Uganda Self-injection Best Practices program was designed to address this need, by generating evidence and guidance that decision-makers in family planning programs can use to introduce and scale up self-injection programs. Information on client’s visit date, background characteristics, whether she self-injected or received the injection from the health worker, and total number of DMPA-SC units that were administered. Data presented in this abstract was collected between November 2017 and November 2018. The program was generally successful at reaching new family planning users, younger women, women who reside far from health services and women who had attended school than clients who received injections from health workers. Self-injection can increase access to family planning services. Women should continue to be offered the full range of methods available.

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  Presented in Session 76. Rights-Based Family Planning in Resource-Poor Settings