Factors of Domestic violence against women: Correlate women right and vulnerability

Zakaliyat Bonkoungou, GIZ/PROSAD
A. Sathiya Susuman, University of the Western Cape

Many studies have been made on domestic violence but very few considered women knowledge and perception about their rights. This is a research action study aiming to examine the main sociocultural factors behind domestic violence against women with an emphasis on the power of the knowledge and perception of the women about their international and constitutional rights. Quantitative data collected in 2015 in the regions of East and Southwest Burkina Faso are used in this paper. Multivariate logistic regression is implemented to take into consideration the net effects of each factor when controlling the effects of other covariates. Results of this paper can be used to implement actions against domestic violence in the zone of intervention of PROSAD project.

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  Presented in Session 50. Gender Theories of Fertility