Is Household Wealth Associated with Consistent Condom Use among Young Women (15-35) in Zimbabwe?

GOABAONE MABAILA, University of Botswana

Zimbabwe is the highest consumer of condoms in Africa, however people still report not using condoms if they are in multiple partnerships or living with HIV/AIDS. Evidence is lacking on the influence of household wealth on consistent condom use among young women in Zimbabwe. Logistic regression models were used to analyze a sample of 5214 women (15-35) who reported the use of condom during sexual intercourse with the most recent partner 12 months before the survey. Twenty two percent of the female respondents reported to be consistent condom users. It emerged from the study that household wealth is a significant predictor of consistency of condom use. In addition to condom distribution in Zimbabwe, correct and consistent condom use should be encouraged. Some of the SDGs entail eradicating poverty and ensuring healthy lives for all, therefore there should be programs aimed at empowering young women to improve their living standards.

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  Presented in Session 122. Women’s Economic Empowerment and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Africa: exploring Intersections and Interlinkages