Changing Pattern of Care and Challenges of the Aged in Ghana; A Systematic Review

Martin Wiredu Agyekum, Regional Institute for Populationb studies, University of Ghana

In sub-Saharan Africa, the concerns of the aged have not been much explored due to the youthful nature of the population in the region. The situation is not different in Ghana. The study reviewed articles on both formal and informal support available for the aged as well as the challenges they face in Ghana. Database and search terms were used in selecting articles from peer-reviewed journals for the study. The findings showed that the provision of informal care by the extended family dominates formal care due to the absence of comprehensive formal care system. However, urbanization and migration have altered the support provided by the extended family to the elderly. In addition, the elderly are faced with a double burden of disease. The study recommends that there should be educated to create awareness of formal support system to ensure enrollment of people working in both formal and informal sectors.

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