Estimation of Preterm Birth Rates, Associated Factors and Child Survival in South Africa

Aditi Chaudhary
Ajit Jaiswal, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

Generally, PRETERM BIRTH in known as “birth taken place before 37 weeks gestation or 259 days of gestation”. In other words, it is defined as deliveries occurring between 22 and 36 completed weeks of gestation. We also identified a category of ‘‘early preterm birth,’’ comprising deliveries between 22 weeks and 34 weeks. So, Preterm birth Is leading cause of neonatal/ infant mortality congenital anomalies. Death is disproportionately more prevalent among children born very early than the normal born children. Several studies have investigated long-term disabilities among survivors of preterm birth, chronic lung disease, visual and hearing loss and neurodevelopmental handicaps. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence and Determinants of preterm birth, along with that also, to examine the associated health risks regarding the neonatal mortality which had preterm delivered. Besides these outputs, demand and supply sides of the services and intervention programs can be examined.

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  Presented in Session 147. Health Systems and Maternal, Newborn and Child Health