Social-Cultural Processes of Feeding Patterns and Nutrition Supplement Use in Southwestern Nigeria

Isaac Adedeji, University of Ibadan
Kabiru Salami, University of Ibadan

Feeding pattern and nutrition supplement use are vital but understudied health behaviours among older persons. As such, in Nigeria, there is a paucity of data. In five culture groups in Oyo State, Nigeria, 884 interviewer-administered questionnaire and sixty (60) in depth interviews were conducted. Most (74%) elderly eat in three main-meal periods and there is a high (86.2%) consumption of starchy foods. Majority (72.5%) used supplements and 90.7% used supplements at least once daily. Eating more than four times daily (ß = 0.011) and having two meals daily (ß = 0.019) were associated with supplement use. The use of supplements among the elderly is mostly a result of physicians’ advice for wellness purpose, while the feeding patterns of elderly persons reflects various social processes that occur based on the living arrangements of the elderly. Feeding patterns and nutrition supplement use among the elderly exists within a structure of complex interactions.

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  Presented in Session 33. Ageing and Care in Africa: Policies, Intentions and Realities