Negotiating Evidence-Informed Decision Making

Marlene A. Lee, Population Reference Bureau

Evidence-informed decision making (EIDM) has become a mantra in population and development activities. Donors, scientists, and program implementers seem to agree on the need to use evidence in decision-making. Do they however agree on what constitutes evidence, what evidence is most appropriate, and how to demonstrate use of evidence? Further, is ensuring access to evidence and individual capacity to understand emerging research and program evaluation results sufficient to facilitate the appropriate use of evidence in complex decision-making environments? More specifically, when the decisions that need to be made involve political considerations, what are the best strategies for appropriate use of evidence? Our panelists bridge the worlds of technical expertise and planning and policy making. They will share their experience in identifying and using or promoting the use of appropriate evidence in decision making and reflect on successful and unsuccessful strategies.

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  Presented in Session 8. Negotiating Evidence-Informed Decision Making