Tuesday, November 19 / 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Executive Room

Session 63
Children’s and Adolescents’ Welfare including School Health Programs

Chair: Antoine Banza Nsungu, UNFPA
Discussant: Barthélemy Kalambayi Banza, Université de Kinshasa

1. A Children-Youth Development Index (CYDI): a Tool for Assessing the Effectiveness of Youth-Oriented Policies in AfricaOusmane Faye, African Influence Institute (AFRII); Ibrahima Diallo, Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar; Gilena G. Andrade, UNICEF-WCARO; Waly Sene, UNFPA-WCARO.

2. Determinants And Trend Of Child Wellbeing Status In Cameroon*Eric Patrick FEUBI PAMEN, University of Yaounde 2-Soa; Carele Guilaine Djofang Yepndo, The University of Dschang.

3. Violence faites aux enfants au Burkina Faso : Effets des attentes sociales sur l’usage de la violence dans la socialisation des filles et des garçons .*Alis Bambara, Institut Supérieur des Sciences de la Population.

4. Mental Health and Associated Factors among Adolescent Boys and Girls in Nairobi, KenyaRhoune Ochako, Population Council; Karen Austrian, Population Council - Kenya.

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